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Reduce Energy Costs and Improve your bottom line in Dayton with a commercial energy audit from EBEB solutions.

Commercial Energy Audits, Dayton, Ohio

The EPA reports that commercial buildings on average waste 30% of their energy. Conducting energy audits for these structures and implementing the resulting energy-saving suggestions can assist companies in reducing energy waste, decreasing operating costs, shrinking their carbon footprint, and qualifying for energy financing programs and tax benefits.

A detailed energy audit on a commercial building is a comprehensive analysis of the building's energy usage, which is performed by our certified energy auditors. The purpose of the audit is to identify opportunities for energy savings and recommend strategies for reducing energy consumption and costs

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EBEB Solutions: Design and Build Services in Dayton for Energy Savings, Sustainability, and Carbon Reduction

EBEB Solutions provides eco-friendly building services to reduce owners' carbon footprint and expenses through energy-saving and renewable energy improvements. Our offerings encompass comprehensive consulting, energy simulation, cost evaluation, building envelope improvements, incentive exploration, green budgeting, and rebate investigation for renewable energy sources.

Our comprehensive design-build program links businesses to cost savings, offers the best energy efficiency and renewable energy options, and streamlines access to financing and cost-saving incentives for profitable projects.

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Energy Efficiency Project Financing in Dayton

We are experts in securing funding for energy efficiency projects in Dayton and nearby regions through sources such as traditional bonds, green bonds, and PACE financing. Our financing options can support LED lighting retrofits, HVAC improvements, and the installation of renewable energy systems.

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EBEB Solutions, a team of certified professionals including Energy Managers, Demand Side Managers, and Sustainable Development Professionals, offers a comprehensive range of energy audit services, including ASHRAE Level I, II, and III assessments, energy management solutions, renewable energy services, project financing options, tax and rebate assistance, and design-build services.